Who are we


Located in Ontario, Canada, Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. was created to deliver quality training programs for the healthcare and Long Term Care industries. Pivotal Aging Innovations offers unique, innovative training tools developed through


evidence-based best practices, providing measurable outcomes while increasing the quality of care for the resident and their caregivers. Pivotal’s training models provide a people-centered approach to care, while fostering a culture of safety and effective leadership.

At Pivotal, our goal is to become Canada’s premier solution for training in the Senior Residence market place. We set forth a method of success for the Retirement and Long Term Care industries while also offering Healthcare professionals unique methodologies developed over three decades of industry experience, research and partnerships. This enables Pivotal to deliver empowerment for improved care, increased safety, reduced risk, accountability, revenue stability, and, ultimately, improved quality of life.

Pivotal is partnered with The Ashby Memory Method™ (“AMM”), a program designed to assist those with early stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Allied professionals who successfully complete the AMM program receive Pivotal certifications allowing them the ability to host ‘Dementia Care’ seminars designed to increase their patient roster and generate revenue. Future development of our On-Line AMM sales program will connect home-based caregivers with Pivotal’s methodologies to further assist in improving the quality of life for loved ones. Data collected from our allied professionals will be included in our continued research. The findings will be used for future development of programs, improved patient care and industry knowledge.


The Ashby Memory Method™ is offered by the Calgary based Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute and John Ashby. John is the son of the founder of The Ashby Memory Method™ – Dr. Mira Ashby, CM. and continues to work with AMM.

Dr. Ashby celebrated several life achievements such as: receiving the Order of Canada. Founder of the ASHBY House, her work with Cognitive Retention Therapy, served as a Doctor in the Red Cross during WWII and spoke more than 8 languages. A life full of experiences and great achievements. Ashby house is currently known as CHIRS (Community Head Injury Resource Centre), formerly known as Ashby House, it started in 1978 as the first community-based brain injury rehabilitation program in North America.


Sadly Dr. Ashby passed away on July 16th 2005 in Toronto at the age of 84. Her work continues and we hope to expand the program and help families improve their interactions with loved ones.