What users are saying about The Ashby Memory Method™

An appreciation of the Ashby Memory Method.

During 2009, my sister-in-law visited the Cedar Unit at Ashford Hospital for a series of tests including the Mini Mental State Examination. Her score then was 27, by July 2010 it had dropped to 18.

In the Autumn of the same year she was fortunate to start the Ashby Memory Method programme in a desperate effort to slow her rapid decline into deeper dementia.

She was recently re-tested by a nurse from Ashford Hospital and her latest score on the MMSE showed an increase in three whole points to 21. I truly did not expect an improvement in her mental capacities and consider this unexpected and brilliant result to be directly attributable to the AMM and the skill and dedication of the practitioner.

Thank you so much.


The Ashby Memory Method has become a godsend to my sister-in-law who suffers from moderate dementia. She has enjoyed hourly one-on-one sessions twice a week, with an intuitive and highly skilled practitioner who has provided quality conversation and much needed mental stimulation with a series of progressive memory exercises and activities. After three months the results are impressive and encouraging.AMM will not cure the condition but hopefully it will slow the decline and allow the client to regain fluent speech patterns and become more socially interactive as confidence returns. It is a positive aid to enhance quality of life, eliminating anxiety and depression.

I would whole heartedly recommend the Ashby Memory Method to anyone suffering early memory loss.

— Vivian F.

We have a stroke client currently using the program. Her first MMSE score was a 20 and her last one after the First 8 Weeks was a 24!

 I wanted to give you some very positive news about my father. He scored 23 again on his test, without the Doctor (cognitive specialist) knowing anything about the work he is doing with you. When the Doctor came in to see me, I told him about your work and he is extremely interested in knowing more about it and meeting you.

 We’ve noticed a big difference, and so has our caregiver. Mrs. P shows more interest in her daily routine, and in conversation. With the election coming up, we’ve been talking politics again.

My Dad laughs more often, and he really enjoys our conversations. He still has issues, but he’s much less anxious… and much more my Dad.