What is the AMM PROGRAM


The AMM program is a structured series of direct cognitive exercises and activities designed to treat developing Alzheimer’s and Dementia symptoms. The initial program covers 8-10 weeks with additional development opportunities. It is a home based, pen and paper, person centred, evidence based program with NO medication or adverse side effects while offering caregiver training to empower both the individual and the carer.

AMM is an evidence based, proven therapy adapted from the field of brain injury rehabilitation (neuro-rehab), the AMM program derived from the award winning work of the late Dr. Mira Ashby, MD, CM. Originally designed as Cognitive Retention Therapy (CRT), AMM now offers the program and training to families and professional caregivers.

How it works:

The AMM program uses multiple types of interactions and stimulations to match each participant’s interests and strengths as they change from day to day. The 8 week program consists of on-line training and basic understanding of Alzheimer’s and Dementia as well as understanding key elements in caring for your loved one. Each program also includes-

–  20 Booklet Package (The 8 week program)

– Training Manual

– Resource Guide

and other training tools.

Carers will enjoy the information and ability to work with their loved ones one on one in developing improved quality of life and enjoyment.
Note: Certified Facilitators are also available to assist families if they so choose. Additional costs may apply.

Why you should buy:

The AMM program helps to:
· Reduce levels of anxiety, depression and fear by helping the person adapt to changes in cognition.
· Increase individual awareness of natural thinking patterns and promote new alternatives when familiar processes begin to decline.
· Maintain and strengthen long-term memories.
· Provide skills to support short-term memory and improve recall.
· Renew sensory awareness (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight).
· Build logic and reasoning skills.
· Train family members within a structured program
· Develop topics/conversations to engage
· Provide caring skills and awareness for families.
· Improves the quality of life for the individual as well as the carer.

by Paul Cutajar | Discover more about AMM for professionals.