What is AMM?


Caring for a family member struggling with Alzheimer’s and Dementia offers little resources to turn to before acknowledging help is needed. Offering a home based introduction and intellectual exercise program allows families to improve their management and understanding until such time that additional assistance may be required. Continually seeking current information and techniques adds to our goal of offering improved quality of life for both the Caregiver and patient or loved one.

The Ashby Memory Method™ is a cognitive therapy for sufferers of dementia based on Dr. Ashby’s original research with brain injuries. AMM is a specifically tailored quality of life enrichment program for persons diagnosed with early to mid stages of Alzheimer’s and other Dementias. AMM is a paper based, non invasive, people centred program combining caregivers understanding and participation, word exercises, visual stimulation and a process called errorless learning and many other techniques from Dr. Ashby’s research. AMM creates personalized activities based on the participant’s interests to stimulate all 5 senses within a one on one environment.

Click this video to begin viewing excerpts of the training video and description of The Ashby Memory Method(TM) program.


Finally, a program family members can participate in with their loved ones all within the comfort and safety of their own surroundings.

The program consists of The first 8 weeks program. This is a paper based program including manual, The Life Story, initial programs, DSAT (Dementia Specific Assessment Tool) and Quality of Life survey. In addition to the program, you will receive a secure passcode to access the on-line training video. You will also receive several resources to assist as a caregiver. Once the initial 8 weeks program is complete, you will have the opportunity to access additional booklet titles (100’s to choose from). The Video training will prepare you and offer an understanding of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, caring for and how to use the modules. The First 8 Weeks program will be shipped and allow you enough time to prepare.