Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A home based program for families caring for loved ones

You’ve noticed your Mom, Dad or Partner a little distant, a little forgetful or perhaps you find you are constantly repeating your conversations.  You find it frustrating and worrisome all in one.  You suspect something is happening but simply blame it on old age.  You decide to share your concerns with a friend and they suggest… DEMENTIA!

At this point you have 2 options.

  1. Be in a state of denial, remain secretive and avoid a diagnosis… or
  2. Seek professional advice and begin understanding what the future may hold.  

In either case your mind begins racing…  

  • What now?
  • I don’t have time for this?
  • Who’s going to help?
  • How do we cure it?
  • What exactly does Dementia mean?
  • Will they actually understand what’s happening or about to happen to them?
  • What if others find out?

First off, you’re not alone, secondly there is plenty of information about Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The challenge is, there is no cure. So how are you able to offer help to your loved one, yourself and the other family members.  Your life is about to change

We have seen families negotiate these challenges in many different ways, unfortunately not all families are positioned to offer the greatest of care, love and understanding.  Rarely is a family member trained to care for someone but Dementia adds a new level of required care, patience and understanding.  

Regardless of choosing a Professional diagnosis or simply deciding to manage privately, you begin to wrap your head around the news and reality.  Many choose to seek a cure or a basic understanding by performing a search on Google…What is it?  What do I do?  Who can help?  What will happen?  Dementia Therapy?  How to cure Dementia?  These are all very good questions and concerns.  While the basics are answered, the details are likely different for everyone.

We discovered that many people go without a diagnosis, are often left frustrated, isolated and misunderstood.  Sadly, in some cases even abused.

We questioned what families have at their disposal with programs offering to assist and empower the carer and the family member with Dementia.  We searched high and low and discovered that although there is an abundance of wonderful information, there was not much available in the form of a tangible, practical, hands on program available to families.

We did however discover one Canadian designed program that actually delivers on these requirements.

It is a Cognitive Retention Therapy Program available for families and Caregivers empowering them to work with those diagnosed as having early to mid stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  

Such a program is now available in Ontario (and other Provinces of Canada), that offers to deliver a comprehensive Cognitive Retention Therapy known as The Ashby Memory Method™ (AMM). The program is based on the research of Dr. Mira Ashby and the programs she developed for brain injury rehabilitation, for which she received the Order of Canada in 1984.  Cognitive Retention Therapy (CRT) was further developed in 2005 as The Ashby Memory Method™.

Understanding that the brain IS CAPABLE of compensating for other areas that have been damaged (Neuroplasticity), The Ashby   Memory Method™(AMM) delivers a tailored person centred program incorporating many cognitive stimulation exercises involving all 5 senses and discovery of the person through encouraged story telling opportunities, all within a measurable framework.  The AMM program aligns itself with similar approaches used by professionals delivering a Montessori level of care.

“We are working on making the program available to anyone looking to do more with their loved ones suffering with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or brain injuries. Our intention is to have the AMM program, as well as other training programs available to PSW’s and care professionals working with clients/patients with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We finally have something that has been tested and proven to give families a tangible, measurable resource that they will enjoy doing with their loved one.” Paul Cutajarowner Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc.

For the first time, families have access a professional level program that not only educates but also delivers on methods to better manage understanding of the person, person centred care, behaviors and empowerment, within a measurable, easy to deliver program.


As Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. continues development of its distribution of The Ashby Memory Method™, they invite families and professionals to connect with them regarding the purchase, implementation and further research of the program.

What do I get with the AMM program?

Once purchased, you will have access to several empowering resources (downloadable) as well as access to the video training modules.  While you begin training with these modules, we will ship to you your very own
Ashby Memory Method™ program consisting of the workbook, The DSAT (Dementia Specific Assessment Tool), the quality of life survey, and the initial 8 week program booklets and more!  Once you have successfully completed the program, you are encouraged to further the program by choosing additional booklets (over 400 additional titles) specific to the likes and interests of your loved one. (booklet fees apply).

Introducing our CERTIFIED ‘Facilitators’.  We have assembled many healthcare professionals working with us to deliver The Ashby Memory Method™ to families just like yours.   Once you make your Family and Friends purchase, simply email us with your contact details and request for a Facilitator and we will be happy to connect you. (fees apply).

The program has been designed to be educational, empowering, fun, interactive and stimulating, all of which offers improved quality of life for you and your loved one.

You don’t have a cure but you do have the power to do more!


I want the program but I don’t want to do it.


We have made The Ashby Memory Method™ Pivotal edition to be available to families that are looking to do more with their loved one, however we also understand that good intentions sometimes prove to be too difficult to follow through with.
We feel that it is very important that you start and finish the program however some families would rather simply have a professional deliver the AMM program.  Don’t fret, we can help!

Introducing our CERTIFIED ‘Facilitators’.  We have assembled many healthcare professionals working with us to deliver The Ashby Memory Method™ to families just like yours.   Once you make your Family and Friends purchase, simply email us with your contact details and request for a Facilitator and we will be happy to connect you. (fees apply).


More information is available at                                                       Order Now!  

by Paul Cutajar | Discover more about AMM for professionals.

When you purchase your friends and family AMM program, you will receive:  Your very own 20 booklet-8 week program (door delivery)



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Online access to the 4 level Introduction video – Family and friends

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A Parent’s Wish: A heart warming video from the point of view of your parents as they age

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