The AMM Ashby Memory Method is a therapeutic mode of treatment for those suffering from memory problems for instance, dementia sufferers. There are no drugs administered in this mode of therapy and instead person-centered activities and written exercises for each individual. The main focus is the person’s strength and interests so as to enable them live a rich independent life.

The AMM Ashby Method is one that concentrates on the other parts of the brain that have not been affected since they will make up for what has been lost. This cognitive therapy method is also a friends and family program. The family will accompany the person to the center and participate in understanding the person and their needs. Remember there is no medication whatsoever that is administered and instead it is all about learning, discovering and empowering the person.

The AMM Ashby Method does not do away with the need for diagnosis. This is a therapy mode that also includes dementia training for friends and families. The patient’s cognition levels will be measured and will be availed to a medical expert for further diagnosis.

Benefits of AMM Ashby Method

One of the benefits of this method is that the patient has an improved quality of life. This is because they will be at home, a loving environment where they are loved and cared for. A familiar environment eases the mind and the patient is relaxed making it easier for them to recall things since they are in a good place.

There is less stress too for the caregiver. Most caregivers are under a lot of stress due to personality and behavioral changes that come with dementia. The AMM Ashby Method helps minimize the symptoms hence allow the caregiver not to be exposed to too much of stress.

This is a drug-free program that can be used exclusively or in combination with other prescribed drugs. The amount of time ranges between once or twice a week.

It is no secret that caring for a person who suffers from dementia can be a costly affair. It is better to have a strategy that handles the issue head on than just leaving your loved one in a home where you pay but progress is not a surety.

More and more families are facing the challenge of dealing with aging parents or spouses who are dementia sufferers. The Ashby dementia therapy method is a relief to many as not only does it save them money but they get to walk the journey with their loved ones and help them daily.

Do note that the AMM Ashby Method does not in any way alter a patient’s treatment plan. Getting started on this program will maximize the benefits. One hour twice a week is the time required. Dementia sufferers and their families can now be at ease knowing that they are both watching out for each other thanks to the Ashby therapy mode.