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Brain Fitness when You Need it Most™ Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. in association with The Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute
and Canadian Seniors Association Presents:
The Ashby Memory Method™ for Friends, Familiy and Volunteers caring for loved
ones with early to mid stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia


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Located in Ontario, Canada, Pivotal Aging Innovations Inc. was created to deliver quality training programs for the healthcare and Long Term Care industries.

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Caring for a family member struggling with Alzheimer’s and Dementia offers little resources to turn to before acknowledging help is needed.

The role you play

Call it a blessing or a curse, the role of a caregiver is often under appreciated.

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The Ashby Memory Method has become a godsend to my sister-in-law who suffers from moderate dementia.


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What is the Ashby Memory Method (AMM)?
The AMM program is a structured series of interactive brain exercises and activities designed to improve Alzheimer´s symptoms. An innovative, proven therapy adapted from the field of brain injury rehabilitation (neuro-rehab), the principal behind the program is simple: By exercising specific cognitive abilities which we know are affected by Alzheimer´s disease, participants can function much better, for longer.
How was the AMM program created?
The late Dr. Mira Ashby, MD, CM pioneered and began to use the science behind the AMM program over 25 years ago to treat people with traumatic brain injuries; it was this work that lead to her being awarded the prestigious Order of Canada in 1984.
Two decades later in 2004, her son John Ashby began testing this same straight-forward therapeutic method with his own patients and soon discovered he had found the basis for an effective program that helps people with Alzheimer´s and other forms of dementia.
What are the benefits of AMM?
  • Improved quality of life.According to an Alzheimer’s Association study, more than 83% of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s live at home and are cared for by their family. AMM is a tool that often helps the participant remain living at home longer to enjoy familiar surroundings as well as very important social, community, and family resources.
  • Reduced caregiver stress.The #1 reason for initiating a move to institutional (memory) care is caregiver stress resulting from increasing Alzheimer’s symptoms such as personality and behavioural changes. AMM improves symptoms for the person receiving care. Improvements in these symptoms has been shown to decrease caregiver stress in National Institute of Health studies.


The Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of health care professionals and researchers with significant knowledge and expertise related to dementia research and brain health. An invaluable resource in the further development of new program materials, the TAC also provides input and guidance regarding proposed existing program changes.   Click here for details about The Technical Advisory Committee

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The material was created by TCD, through the NEIL Programme at the Institute of Neuroscience with support from GENIO.**


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